January 14th, 2022

NDP received 127,000 donations in 2021

Horwath’s NDP raised three times more than Del Duca’s Liberals

TORONTO — The NDP received a whopping 127,454 individual donations in 2021 – far more than every other party combined — totalling more than $5.1 million.

“Something special has been happening,” said Ontario NDP Provincial Director Lucy Watson. “Over 127,000 times this year, an everyday Ontarian has taken a moment to throw their support behind an Andrea Horwath government. The NDP’s 2022 campaign is truly for and by everyday people. They are rallying behind Andrea to make Doug Ford a one-term premier.

“This is an Ontario NDP record for a non-election year — both for the number of donations and the total amount.”

The NDP’s figures includes donations under $200, which are not reported on the Elections Ontario website. The average donation to the NDP in 2021 was just $40.05.

According to the Elections Ontario website, Steven Del Duca’s Liberals raised $1.7 million in 2021. Doug Ford’s governing Conservatives raised $8.5 million.

The Ontario NDP’s donations in 2021 included more than $450,000 from first-time NDP donors. The party paid off its last election loan in early 2020 and holds no debt.